Welcome to Cypress Structural Engineering

Cypress Structural Engineering was founded with Architects, Builders, and Owners in mind.  We strive to meet our clients needs by understanding their projects' details and providing t solution.

At Cypress Structural Engineering, we have the experience of a large company with the convenience and pride of a small company.

What We DO

construction engineering structural architecture

Our Philosophy

Your project is the most important project to you and it should be your engineer's most important project.  At Cypress Structural, we understand that and therefore it is the most important project to us.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations and ensure that your project is efficiently designed.  

Our Services

Cypress Structural Engineering is a full service engineering company, where we offer structural engineering for new builds, remodels, and additions.  Whether you need engineering for a large multi-family complex, single family new build, or a remodel/addition, Cypress Structural is the engineering firm who will put your project first and ensure that your deadlines are met. We fully support our clients during the design of the project, during construction, and until the project is completed.  We offer the following services:

  • Foundation Designs
  • Framing Designs
  • Inspection Services
  • Construction Administration

Inspections are a vital part of the construction phase and Cypress Structural is here to support the owner to ensure that the project is completed properly with no delays in the schedule.  It is our commitment to complete the inspections according to the clients schedule and ensure that reports are completed quickly.  A client should not have to wait around for an inspector to issue a report.